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This gallery is composed by: 70% of FANART and 30% of ORIGINAL ART.
My gallery contains mainly: FEMALE CHARACTERS, usually portrayed in GIRLxGIRL couples, such as either OCxOC, CANONxCANON and/or OCxCANON.
Expect high doses of: HUMOR, ROMANCE and RANDOMNESS in general.

YOU'VE BEEN WARNED, enter at your own risk. :skullbones:





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  Contest: The Dark Forest (Updated Entries)Hello all of you MOST fabulous deviants!!!

And welcome to our next contest!
"The Dark Forest"

*This is not a stock feature contest*
This is our next BIG contest!!!

*Literature/Poetry *Photo Manipulation/Digital Art *Photography *Traditional *Stock
Shuuuweee! That's a lot of categories!
Here's what we want:
"The forest is a place that often taps at the door of every artists imagination. When thinking of the forest as a setting in any piece of artwork, the imagination can soar to many different heights. Some artists imagine magic, fairy tales, and romance...while others can think only of the dangers, fear, and nightmares created from the dark unknown. So I'm interested,-Oh man am I interested!-
Journal Skin Design Contest + Giveaway!EDIT3: fixed typo :facepalm:
EDIT2: giveaway now by random number
EDIT: extended deadline and bananas for lazy people
Here is a contest for all of you who have ideas for journal skins, but have no idea how to begin coding them. It also gives me a chance to practice my coding skills.
Giveaway is at the end of the journal.
Design a Journal Skin Contest
The premise is simple, draw up a design for a journal skin that you would like to be able to use. The winners will then have their design coded by me so they can use it.
Multiple entries allowedBoth digital and traditional media are welcomeEntries do not need to be new deviationsEntries must be received by May 30th, 2014have fun
 While you will not be disqualified for having CSS knowledge, please bear in mind that this contest is intended for people with no coding skills.
Entries will be judged based on:
Spring Contest + Admin CommissionsHappyDance SOS Spring Contest HappyDance 

It has been quite some time since our last contest and we're going to try something a little new this time!  So here's the idea:
Blue Square Bullet Theme: "The Moment"
Blue Square Bullet Deadline: Sunday, April 27th (Midnight CET)
The theme is open to a lot of interpretation, so get creative!  We hope to see many different ideas.  ;)
Purple Square Bullet Main Prizes Purple Square Bullet
1st Place: 750 pts
2nd Place: 350 pts
3rd Place: 150 pts
Blue Square Bullet Conditions Blue Square Bullet
One entry per member.
Your photo must have been taken this year.  If the date is not visible in the EXIF data, please include it in the
The Gallant Ganga Event!Good day everyone! I am speaking from the Kings Stables! The King has an announcement for you!
“Hello all! To jump start the beginning of the Gallant breed, I will be holding a small event at the Royal Stables. There will be an event for owners and their horses, and a sale for those who don’t, and do own Gallant horses. The event will be explained below as will the sales. If you do participate there will be rewards! So I bid you good day! And good Gallant Ganga Event!!!!”
This sale will consist of two parts, and ‘Newbie Sale’ with an art sale, and a raffle for those who do not yet own a Gallant. This event will last until March 15! So get your tickets, and bid while you can!
Free To Claim
1. Only ONE per person
2. Must draw ref sheet within 3 weeks
3. MUST be full body, shading and background are up to you
4. MUST include all needed information in description
5. ONLY people who DO NOT yet own a Gal
Share keywords, get comments and win pointsEDIT April 14th: 118 deviants have shared keywords so far, but I still need more. Prizes have been expanded, and will be expanded again when 130 have shared keywords. Please consider helping if you can, either by sharing your keywords (if you haven't already) or by sharing the message. The deadline for the keyword collection is April 20th, and any help is appreciated. Heart
Hello dear Watchers and other lovely deviants. :heart:
Help a fellow deviant and get comments and a chance to win points and other prizes!
I’m currently working on my Master’s thesis at the Royal School of Library and Information Science. My thesis is about the correlation between the types of keywords added to deviations and the types of search terms used when searching on deviantART. But, as you might have noticed, keywords cannot be seen by anyone but the owner of a deviation (not yet anyway, although
The our lives contest.Many people have many different features, personalities & qualities. That is what makes life so interesting. The fact that we are like snowflakes, some uniquely similar, but still very much our own being.
   So, today I start a contest that is all about that. All about who we are & how we see ourselves!
   For this contest, you will storm the internet & find ONE & only ONE GIF that best describes your life, your personality, who you are in general. If your life is very different from how you actually are & want to be as a person, toss it to the side! For this contest I only want to see who YOU are on the inside! Pick a GIF that describes the life that you are destined to lead!
   What feels right in the very pit of your soul?
   For a lot of people a hard thing to overcome is the fact that...
This can lead to high stress, depression & even suicidal thoughts or actions. It's a threat that is extremely pai
Cupcakes + Cookies Contest    It's that time of my life again... and I want to hold another contest!
So here's the deal and everyone is invited!
Rules & Stuff

Theme: cupcakes & cookies! but the catch; they need to be made [preferably by you] not store bought!
NOTE: you only have to pick cookies OR cupcakes. you do not have to use both!
Media: artisan crafts/culinary arts - photography/still life/food&drink [it must be submitted under one of these two galleries!
Submission Rules:
must be created for this contest [after 20.March.2014]
must say it's for this contest with a link in the artists comments
1 entry per person
To Enter: send a note to me [WorldWar-Tori] and I will add it to this folder. Once it's been added you are officially entered!
Deadline: 15.May.2014 - 11:59pm EST
Everything Else: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Ei
Letter Writing ProjectTotal dA Letters Sent To Date: 24

:new: Absolutely, ANYONE and EVERYONE is allowed to sign up for this.  We can be strangers and have never talked before, but if you're interested in getting a letter, just send me the info and you'll find one in your letterbox soon!
I've recently decided to start a personal project to help me focus myself, appreciate others, and try to control my bad habits by filling my time with other things.  And since I love writing letters and notes, I've decided to send notes and letters to friends throughout the year.  I've already got a bit of a list going, but I figured, why should I limit this to just people I know/have in my real life?
SO! If you're interested in receiving a letter or note from me, shoot me a note with the following:
Your Name (or at least a name that the postman will know to deliver)Address (not limited to the US)Anything I may need to know in order to have it arrive
These are gonna be random
Contest: Skies of Arcadia in Another World!It's contest time! As you might have guessed by the title, the theme is.... *drum roll*
Skies of Arcadia in another world!
What is it about?
You throw Skies of Arcadia characters into another game world as if they've always belonged there! You pick SoA characters, you pick another game world and you make the characters fit into that world. You have to use your imagination! It can be as many character as you like, be it just 1, 5, 10, the entire cast, it's up to you.
Example for a drawn entry: you choose to draw Vyse, Aika and Fina in Hyrule. You have to adapt/redesign their clothes/accessories so they look like typical residents of Hyrule. You draw them in an environment in Hyrule - they could be fishing on Lake Hylia or shopping in the castle town market. You have creative freedom here!
What mediums are allowed?
All of them! The above directives apply to all mediums. Are you a writer? You could make them live an adventure that's typical of that of the ga
Photography Contest I.I've wanted to do a photography contest for months, and it's time to do one!
The thing is I'm a little bit bored of giveaways because it takes too much time, and a contest is beautiful and more interesting, and the prizes wouldn't be random, it would be by votes (I think this is better). 
About the contest
This contest has 3 different categories.
Category A: Nature.
Everything related to nature: flowers, land-sky-waterscapes, trees, plants, etc.
Still life pictures are NOT allowed.
Category B: Black and white.
All black and white photographs. 
Category C: Arquitecture, citylife, street, urban and rural.
Rules to enter and other staff you should know
+ It must be a new deviation, submitted since 1st April. 

+ Manipulations are not allowed.
+ No violent, nude or offensive pictures.
+ The photograph must be taken by you. 
+ Everyone can enter, since the

:deviation: ART :deviation:

llama love by rainylake
The Promise in The Name (Transformers Bayverse)This story contains ending spoilers for all three films in Michael Bay's Transformers Witwicky trilogy, and some wanton speculation about the series. You have been warned.
It is my honor to speak to you on this occasion. My friends seem to believe that I am best suited to this task. After all, the name that I have chosen for myself can be translated as “the best.” I recognize how that must seem arrogant, inappropriately vain for this joyous occasion. I mention it because it would be meaningless if not for those we are here to celebrate, who have given me not only my life, but the once-forgotten promise of my name.
Once, I was what you would call a dreamer, not unlike Sam. I always imagined, and sought, the best that I could for those around me. Like Sam, those efforts often brought suffering, at first. We are not here to mourn those I have failed, but they were many.
I was about to abandon hope when I met Sam. Though he was young, small, and relatively powerless

Sunrise over forest by fill12splash by fill12Veronika by fill12i will survive by fill12Morning Ride by fill12Bumblebee by rainylakeHappy Hound: Stock by rainylakeWindow by rainylakeWhite Crab Spider by JapersMr. Mittens by JapersOooh~I wanna take ya to the Kokomo~ by SavageFrog(f)rigid by WintersReadPika Appears! by rainylakeWave! by rainylakeEurasian Eagle-Owl by rainylakei want to sail away from here by rainylakeTwig by rainylakeI'm here for you ... by TheGalleryOfEveFade Journal Skin by SimplySilentGotham Animals: Ra's al Ghul by ShadOBabeEye of Africa by Momenti-PhotoBird by Momenti-PhotoPolar Bear II by renazicarelliPlease Help with my Service Dog c: by abnorm-ali-tyGuitar hero by ArtRefugiumFresh Fruit by rainylakeDrool by rainylakeInk Dragon by TwoDDMurrain by kanartistAntebellum by Fragments-of-a-PawnEagle Nebula by LonelyFullMoonYorkshire terrier by RespeanutColoration - Horse Head 2 by s-e-n-s-u-k-aIndulgence by bloodifyKissing light by LusiusMalfoyNo more coffee ? by meekowdesignsDauntless Commission by MayTitanFissure of Decay by RazowiSteampunk Armlet by MeowcheeRhyticeros undulatus by harpyjafox by LlirikaOne step of the road - II by CID228The Victorian Choker Necklace by 2ndWindAccessoriesBlack Horse by Chippie18On the Loose by SiriuslyLupine03Swan-pegasus by Fable-ArtVanishing by hsybbedFlowered Fields by tuningmyheartSorbaie by weaqcat (5 of 12) by deinoscaosDark Dragon by ScorpiiLupi[Commission] Mahel by Banana-BansheeLittle Girl. by SallyWally30Heaven's Teardrops by Unkopierbar3D origami swan pot by IlyereLacertus by FGStnrLemonade by shiropandaKaramuk by RezzanATAKOLHamburger amigurumi by NVkatherineFloat by rainylakeSway by rainylakeScream by rainylakeGrey Eyes by rainylakeHalf Open by rainylake

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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hi there~!
Emoji03 by Emoji-icon
Welcome to my page!
Misc Emoji-06 (Lucky Cat) [V1] by Jerikuto
My name's Isa.
I'm a hobbyist digital artist, obviously still with a lot to learn in this wonderful world of ART.
I like to draw mainly chibis and couples, especially girls love (yuri/shoujo-ai), involving my favourite characters.
I'm also a casual roleplayer.

:iconballoondivider1::iconballoondivider2::iconballoondivider2::iconballoondivider2::iconballoondivider2::iconballoondivider2::iconballoondivider2::iconballoondivider2::iconballoondivider2::iconballoondivider4:Glitter Words

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